Like ABBA? Like Death Metal?

Why not combine the two? Sometimes I love the Internet so much! I just downloaded (legally from eMusic) "A Tribute to Abba" from Nuclear Blast records. Loads of Metal covers of ABBA songs. I particularly like "Thank you for the Music" by Metalium. I have a feeling this is not coming to a record shop near you anytime soon. Unless you live in Sweden of course.

Plus I just got the latest Manowar album. True metal Odin-tastic!

Interest rate annoyance

Why does this sentence appear almost verbatim every time interest rates go up?

The higher rates will add between £15 and £20 a month to an average £100,000 repayment mortgage, but may be good for savers who should earn higher interest.

Surely everyone who is reading an article about interest rates will know this already? Especially after being told it 500 times!
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